Patio – Bassett

Patio Bassett by southampton builder Aspire Building & Construction LTDThis patio located in Bassett, Southampton was laid in December 2013.

We return to the property to carry out our second project for them.  The first being a long retaining wall with a curve.  The projects we carried out with this visit was laying 2 patios.  We had to first remove the existing patios, check the condition of the base and lay our new patios.  The upper patio had grey Cotswold 450 x 450mm slabs laid.  These are very reasonable value but arguably unattractive.  The lower patio had Natural Pavings Walnut slabs.  We ordered them in 2 sizes.  750×500 and 500×500.  This adds more difficulty to the job due to creating a pattern with only the 2 sizes available.   These slabs are a smooth face finish and we laid them butted together.  This gave a very sleek finish.

We used the existing drainage and worked the patio around the existing walls.

We have asked the client if she would mind showing a potential client our work and she accepted.