Patio – Midenbury

This patio and path located in Midenbury was laid in October 2013.

We were asked to lay a patio on the existing concrete slab.  The client picked the slabs she thought she wanted.  When they were delivered she realised that they were maybe a bit dark.  As always we do suggest looking at the slabs before commiting to you choice as often there isn’t much time to change them.  They had no transport and thankfully I had the new choice of slabs delivered the same day.  Fighting with the weather we laid the slabs and pointed in bucket handle style.  The choice of slabs are the Harvest slabs by Natural paving.  As with most patios the colours don’t really show until they are wet which is usually not a time you would be out looking at them.

We also dug up there existing path which was the usual 10mm tarmac and a bit more generous helping of concrete under that.  They choose to have an autumn mix Pavia.  The pattern was left to us to we choose the common 90 degree herringbone bone.

* There is a video showing us laying the patio at the bottom*