2 storey extension – Olivers Batttery, Winchester

2 storey Extension in Oliver Battery, Winchester built by southampton builder Aspire Building and Construction LTDThis 2 storey extension located in Olivers Battery, Winchester was finished in June 2015

We were recommended to these clients to build them a 2 storey extension.  The project entailed demolishing a conservatory on the side of the house, then build the extension following the lines of the existing building.  Every material outside was matched.  We took the project from start to finish including tiling and fitting a bathroom upstairs.

The rooms created was a huge kitchen dining area, a bigger bedroom, new bedroom and new upstairs bathroom.  This project was built in stages to help with the clients needs of looking after their small family whilst the work was carried out, so before the extension was started we created an opening into the brickwork on the outside and supplied and installed some french doors.  This allowed them to move into this room allowing us to work on the parts of the house needed.