We hope to answer some of the common questions asked.  But if there is a question you have that you don’t know the answer to then please contact us

Q1. Are your prices accurate?

A. We try to ask as many questions as possible to give as accuartae price as possible.  But should you require a price from us please bare this in mind as most companies don’t

Q2. How much experience do you have?

A. Currently Each of our tradesmen have at least 10 years experience in their respective fields.  We have all been trained to modern levels of qualifications and use the latest techniques.

Q3.  Are you Vat registered?

A. Yes unfortunately we are.  Due to the high volume of work our team turnover usually with extensions, we are left with no choice.  But this doesn’t usually prevent us from offering competitive prices

Q4. Can we see some of your work?

A. Yes we encourage it.  If you would like to see something in particular or just speak to someone and ask how we performed then we can provide details.  We usually check with the client first as to protect their privacy.

Q5. How far does your service go on an extension for example?

A. We can take your extension from the ground up and in.  From carefully removing slabs and digging to the roof tiled, then bringing you to a plastered finish.  The only thing left with you is painting.

Q6. What are your lead times?

A. We are very flexible.  We usually take on small jobs (1 day jobs or garden wall) in amongst bigger jobs (extension, garage,monthly jobs).  Our team of tradesmen are reliable once we start we will be with you until the end and won’t leave part way through to start another

Q7. Are you insured and qualified?

A. All tradesmen working for Aspire Building & Construction LTD are insured and qualified to a high standard within their respective occupation.  We check thoroughly before we use them but as most have been with us for over 6 years we can say with confidence your in safe hands.